We came across a Pawn Shop website in Tennessee that is using Yellow Pages Marketing for web design and search engine marketing. We know exactly how much they charge because our clients get approached all the time. It is $800 a month and they lock you into a 6 month contract. They monthly is negotiable - why? Because majority of that money is going towards your sales person who works on commission. If you want a rinky dink website and be locked into a contract go with Reach Local or Yellow Pages. If you want your money actually going into results contact Pawn Shop Web Design. We can help you with pay per click, organic SEO, and website design that drives traffic, leads and results! We want to add to your bottom line not take from it. Any company such as reach local or yellow pages locking you into 6 month contracts knows that they are not doing much to help you. They just want your money. Sign on the bottom line. Ask them a business they are helping in your industry. Ask them to provide NUMBER ONE Google results for clients. They can't!